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End the waste: the Orgill report

9 August, 2010

The coalition “officially” held its campaign launch in Brisbane yesterday and Tony Abbott spoke some possibly absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remarks (that’s gospel truth) that teased out his mantra of: end the waste, pay back the debt, stop the big new taxes, stop the boats.

The government has been praised ( “… what your government did was exactly right.“) for the action it took that minimised the impact of the GFC and kept Australia out of recession. These measures and other programs which have and would continue to deliver infrastructure and services, the Liberals call waste and they say must end. Then, as they stop investing in Australia and its people, they will pay back the debt. The debt is only 6% of GDP. If you are concerned about that then you are as clueless as Abbott. As Peter Martin asks, Debt free. Got any other ideas to stifle growth?

So where is this waste? The opposition (and media) have been using the Building the Education Revolution as an example of the government’s “waste”. So now that the Orgill report is out (Building the Education Revolution Implementation Taskforce: Interim report), where has all this money been wasted? On the contrary the report found:

  • even though the BER is one of the largest national public work programs ever funded by the Commonwealth, the Taskforce has only received complaints from 2.7% of schools involved in the BER program.

So it should now be clear that the “waste” is just more of Tony Abbott’s bullshit. Read more at the political sword.

Other “waste” (infrastructure/services)  that the coalition wants to end include: Paid Parental Leave (until his scheme is implemented one presumes), Trade Training Centres in schools, the NBN (why would anyone vote for this?), the Digital Education Revolution, additional funding for the State Infrastructure Fund and discontinue the Australian Human Rights Framework.

You can read about more “waste” that Abbott and the coalition will end from their election commitment costings.

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  1. ribbit permalink
    9 August, 2010 2:37 pm

    Good figures ilium!

    Just finished listening to the debate between Swan and Hockey. And yes! If the Coalition gets in, they’ll ‘end’ and ‘stop’ all the programs started under Labor. Wouldn’t that be waste?!

    The big debt Aust has is equivalent to a person who earns $100k a year borrowing a massive $6000! What a BIG debt.

    Hockey was quick to point out how the Labor was going to save to offset their new spendings but did he answer this: What are YOU going to raid to pay off the debt?

    We all know the answer to this question. Close all the useful things that Labor started and introduce ‘levies’. (new word for taxes)


    Stop the waste?????? Yes! Don’t let the Coalition into power!!

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