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2010 federal election “debate”

26 July, 2010

Even though Tony Abbott feels within reach of a “famous victory” (Scott Morrison appears to be taking this a bit too literally) and thinks “there will be a change of government and yes, I think that I will be the next prime minister of Australia”, last night the leaders decided to go ahead with their “debate” regardless. You can read the transcript here. Or you may prefer your whistling with a beat.

Pssst. All this concern about asylum seekers, refugees, immigration, population and sustainability are not based on actual facts. (Well the asylum seeker “issue”, “stop the boats” is pure bullshit).

Liberal policy.

Some facts:

Net overseas migration has plunged to an estimated 240,000 in the year just ended. So far in 2010, net permanent and long-term arrivals (a broadly similar measure) has fallen by almost a third: from 169,000 to 116,000.

Economic consultants BIS Shrapnel predict this trend will continue. In May, they forecast net overseas migration of just 175,000 this year, and 145,000 in 2011-12.

They might be right, might be wrong. But if they’re anywhere near right, the Coalition’s policy is simply to promise what’s already happening.


The door is already closing. How narrow do we want to make it?

Australian education is a big export industry: putting limits on student numbers would be ridiculous. So would denying Australians the right to bring in their partners, or closing Australia to Kiwis.

To cut skilled worker migration would hurt industry. To cut our small refugee intake would be heartless. Demographer Peter McDonald warns that we are blaming migrants for our failure to plan cities properly. I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. ribbit permalink
    27 July, 2010 8:45 pm

    Thanks for those facts again. The pity is more people don’t take notice of facts – just emotion.

    I loved Good News Weeks’ description of ‘boat people’: half boat, half human. :)) Transformers.

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