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A few notes for Julia

25 June, 2010

As ileum put it, Julia Gillard’s rise to become first female Prime Minister of Australia would indeed have been far more celebratory an occasion under different circumstances. If Labor had not, as Peter Hartcher in the SMH described it, wasted a perfectly good Prime Minister in the form of Kevin Rudd.

I hope the Gillard government can help Australians to see that intercepting a few boats of asylum seekers is not the biggest threat to the security of Australia’s economy, society, or way of life.

Rather, Gillard needs to move away from later Rudd government moves to make Australia more isolationist and protectionist – things such as the internet filter and even seemingly small things such as the “are you carrying pornography” box on customs declarations, are possibly bigger threats to the fabric of Australian life, if I can call it that, than a few boats off the horizon.

Despite what the Coalition and Abbott may claim, asylum seekers hardly see Australia as a “soft target” because of government policy. The sheer disparity in Australia’s geographic size vs population and geographic location makes Australia the “soft target” if those are the words to use. How many asylum seekers does New Zealand have arriving from Afghanistan?

Australia was poised to be a potential world-leader in green business and climate change-ready business processes, which would clearly have in the long-term outflanked any advantages EU companies have with ISO compliance measures in this regard.

These are two points Abbott would disagree with vehemently, but they are but two reasons why we as Australians could do a lot worse than returning this government to office in the election this year.

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  1. The Walrus permalink
    25 June, 2010 5:25 pm

    There are 1.5 Million refugees in camps in Iran/Iraq?Aghghanistan/Pakistan and so far this year 6,000 have made there way to our shores by air or boat.

    If we dont take the proper measures now they’ll all be here in 250 years.

  2. ribbet permalink
    28 June, 2010 11:31 am

    Yes indeed. The first female Australian Prime Minister’s parents were themselves ‘boat people’ from Wales? This country was founded on ‘boat people’.

  3. lynot permalink
    8 July, 2010 8:59 pm

    You must have a bit more faith.The Australian electorate are becoming more sophisticated, and can see when they’re being sold a pup.The more Abbott and Morrison wax lyrical about the refugee problem, the more their real agenda and attitude is becoming clear.

    The right are squawking about this problem in a pathetic attempt to play on the base fears of people, it just isn’t going to work.

  4. 9 July, 2010 8:20 pm

    I hope you’re right, lynot. I don’t think Abbott will get up but then again…

    Maybe I do need to have more faith in the electorate.

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