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Facebook faces privacy issues… again

14 May, 2010

A guest post from Lee.

Facebook, now with users in the hundreds of millions, has increasingly raised privacy concerns with its eroding privacy policy (a timeline). Facebook’s recent problem is that Facebook, by default, now opts users in to allowing third party sites to ‘personalise’ their experience, and concerns are raised about how much personal information is to be given away. Several users are shutting down their accounts including ‘droves of Google software engineers.’

Here’s another user’s experience.

It seems that not only are internal operations of the network causing users to shutdown their accounts, but problems produced externally also have users concerned. A spam run was detected in March by internet security company McAfee.

“Millions of (spam) messages have been sent which McAfee detected through customers running the company’s security software. The messages appear to come from Facebook, with a return address that looks legitimate but has been spoofed, such as “

The messages say that the user’s Facebook password has been reset and the user should download an attachment that contains the new password. The English-language messages are grammatically correct, but contain an odd sign-off: ‘Thanks, Your Facebook.’ The attachment is actually a Trojan horse program, which infects a computer without any visible signs.”

Privacy and spam are big issues across the internet but Facebook’s high number of users makes it a prime target for spammers and hackers. And now with the threat to privacy coming not only from other Facebook users but from Facebook itself, it seems that users sign up to a lot more than simply sharing and communicating with friends.

If you are interested in managing your privacy on Facebook, The New York Times explains how you will have to navigate your way through 50 settings with more than 170 options. If you would rather delete your account, here’s ten reasons why you should and how to do it.

What will it take for you to delete your Facebook account? Or are you one of Zuck’s trusting dumb fucks?

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  1. 15 May, 2010 7:11 am

    I agree that everyone who has a Facebook account should have the highest possible privacy settings enabled . I think that this should be the default when you join But I have never had a spam problem while I have been on Facebook, probably because I have a dedicated email address for Facebook which is a wise precaution for all kinds of reasons anyway.

  2. fairgo permalink
    24 May, 2010 11:24 pm

    Ilem’s comment re facebook is even more relevant following the recent murder of a young female using that media.

    Facebook seems to allow you to make friends without the vulnerability of closeness with real friends but in reality unclothes you to corporations or killers.

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