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Extra-judicial punishment

23 April, 2010

Carl Williams was killed in a high security prison this week and many thought that was a just outcome – probably some who find the death penalty abhorrent. This concept of less eligibility can extend to all prisoners or those convicted of a crime, but none more so than child sex offenders. Last year there was outrage expressed when a person convicted of indecent treatment of a child served a custodial sentence by way of a intensive correction order. This outrage was fuelled further by the fact that the father of the child had attacked the offender and was subsequently charged with grievous bodily harm.

There has been another case where the father (and mother), in similar circumstances, assaulted the offender causing him bodily harm. The father was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, served by way of an intensive correction order and the mother sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, immediately suspended for an operational period of 15 months. The sentencing remarks show the benefit of offenders serving their sentence in the community rather than being incarcerated. These events are also a reminder that we are all deserving of the same standard of justice, you know, that social contract thing that we are all party to.

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  1. ribbet permalink
    25 April, 2010 10:35 pm

    I was horrified how Brumby inferred that an inquiry would be a waste of money as Williams was a criminal.

    Wouldn’t the inquiry be to prevent further corruption in the corrective services? What about the innocent young guy in Criminal Justice and the prison guards who turned blind eyes??

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