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Conroy’s blacklisted blacklist: Please Explain!?

29 March, 2010

Senator Conroy really need to explain this one to the Australian public a little more, and Australians, and the rest of the world, deserve an explanation. And last, and probably least, me. His latest has incensed me out of snowboarding to post after a long hiatus.

The Senator has ruled out making public the list of banned URLs on the government’s child porn and everything else we don’t like filter (aka “refused classification” content). (See this article in The Australian).

According Conroy this is based on the logic that, well, a URL is an address, and we can’t give away the addresses of child (porn sites) to potential felons….

Conroy explains further:

When you publish a list of titles of books that are banned, or movies that are banned, you don’t give access to the materials by producing that list.The problem when you produce a list of URLs is you are actually giving the address of where to go and look.

Hold on just a moment. Are you saying, if the Australian government banned a book, I would not be able to go on, buy it, and saving a customs intervention, have it delivered to my door? Or that I could not do the same for the DVD of a movie? Or that I couldn’t access that on the internet… oh wait, now it makes sense. I guess (and my apologies for being graphic here, please see previous post by ileum for clarification) that any fans out there of female ejaculation videos out there will find redtube letting them down. Oh damn! I mentioned a website! Please please don’t look! I am sure anyone reading this post will be unable to stop themselves now and find their fingers typing r…e..d…

But the biggest “hold on a moment” and “please explain” I leave for this: even if the whole of Australia knew the address, isn’t the whole idea of the net filter to stop access to these sites, not to prevent Australian residents from learning of the existence of these sites??? Senator Conroy, if you are out there, and from this last quote, unless it has been taken out of context, it seems you well and truly are “out there”, please explain!


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