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Battlelines: What’s right?

5 February, 2010

Thought I’d share this from Tony Abbott’s Battlelines:

John Ray, an academic writing in the 1970s, seems to have been the first Australian to have described himself as a ‘Burkean conservative’, after the late-18th-century British statesman rightly regarded as the founder of modern political conservatism. ‘I believe that the Vietnam war can be justified’, Ray said:

“…that conscription can be necessary, that most ecology activists are cranks, that the twentieth century is the best century we have ever had and that the twenty-first will be even better, that economic growth is a good thing, that strikers who defy the courts should be outlawed, that the White Australia policy is defensible, that Ian Smith of Rhodesia is neither a fool nor a rogue, that our ties with the monarchy are precious and should not be reduced, that we should have more foreign investment and continued population growth.”

You can read how the Vietnam war can be justified and the White Australia Policy defended in What is conservatism? A personal preface. Poems anyone? John Ray has also been recently featured at Lost in a Forest.

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  1. 5 February, 2010 7:07 pm

    I think Jon Ray should just become an adviser for Mr Abbott already.


  1. Abbott a fan of a racist | Tony's a tool

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