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Screw the country, this is politics #2

14 January, 2010

It is obvious Tony Abbott’s and the Liberal Party’s interests are far more important than Australia’s. If they were not, why would he call on the government to take action against Japan’s whaling activities when he believes it may harm Australia-Japan relations? Why does Abbott believe the government should take this action:

Well, he should deliver on his promises. […] Kevin Rudd has been all talk and no action. Pre-election he said that he was going to stop the whaling by amongst other things, taking Japan to the International Court of Justice. […] He shouldn’t make promises that he can’t keep.

But could this harm our relationship with Japan?

Well, of course it could and that’s why he should have thought long and hard before he made these promises.

So why should the government take this action then?

…Kevin Rudd should do what he says he would do and he promised…

This is not about solutions or what is best for the country, this is about the chance (as slim as it may be) for political leverage. After all, it’s not like Abbott and the Liberal Party would ever consider not honouring a promise, never ever.

So what is the Liberal Party’s position on this issue? They’ll tell you later.

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  1. ribbet permalink
    14 January, 2010 5:39 pm

    As usual the Opposition doesn’t answer any of the questions. Read the interview of Abbott and see how many questions he hasn’t answered!

    How come he gets away with it?!

  2. 16 January, 2010 2:06 pm

    They all do it to a degree and ‘stay on message’ but Abbott is particularly good at it.


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