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Boat debris found

26 December, 2009

This morning I watched the police retrieve some debris that had  washed up to shore from  a boat.

At the time I hoped that there had not been an accident and that the police were collecting the debris just in case. Later after checking the Queensland Police media releases, I saw the police were asking the public to assist with their inquiries.

From the QPS media release:

Inquiries to locate owner of items washed up on beach

Water police have exhausted all avenues into locating the owner of two engine hatchets and a cushion which were located on a beach at Surfers Paradise and are appealing for public assistance to help their inquiries.

A surf life saver located the items washed up on the high tide mark on the beach around 5am today.  The items were located within 30-40 meters apart and appear to have come from a large white fibre glass boat.

Police have spoken to life savers and organised patrols in the area from Cavil Avenue at Surfers Paradise to the seaway but have been unable to locate where the items came from.

It is possible the parts were thrown overboard or from a vessel being involved in a marine incident such as sinking after being stolen or sinking following a mechanical fault, however police have not received any reports relating to these possibilities.

Police are requesting if you have any friends or relatives transiting the east coast of Queensland or northern New South Wales to notify police.

Anyone with any information which could assist police with their inquiries should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Gold Coast Water police on 5509 5700.

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  1. chrismbell permalink
    1 January, 2010 11:52 am

    What are “engine hatchets”? Presumably the QPS has an axe to grind – or perhaps just a sharp wit.

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