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Double dissolution?

5 December, 2009

While the government may have the trigger to call a double dissolution election, Julia Gillard has said the government will present the CPRS legislation a third time in February and Kevin Rudd has stated that it has always been the government’s intention to serve a full term.

Antony Green considers possible election scenarios:

  • A normal House and half-Senate election cannot be held before 7 August 2010.
  • The last legal date for an normal election is 16 April 2011, but the election is certain to be held before the end of October 2010.
  • Assuming a double dissolution trigger this week, writs for a double dissolution election can be issued up to 10 August 2010 for a last possible double dissolution date between 18 September and 16 October 2010.
  • A double dissolution before July 2010 would see the next election in early 2012.
  • A double dissolution election after 1 July would see the next election in 2013.

More on double dissolution at the Parliamentary Library.

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