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Garnaut on the Great Crash

3 November, 2009

Ross Garnaut (of the ‘Kevin 07’ Garnaut Report fame) has written on East Asia Forum about his understanding of the 2008 ‘Great Crash’.

There has been quite a bit written, including several books, on the Great Crash of 2008. Reading those all at once recalls the old Indian story of the blind men and the elephant: one blind man putting his arms around the legs described the elephant as a tree, another feeling the ear described it as a fan. One felt the trunk and described it as a snake, while a fourth felt the tail and disputed the serpentine explanation. The Great Crash of 2008 is the story of the whole elephant. It tries to show how all the parts fit together.

To read the rest (or rather, the body of Garnaut’s message), follow through to East Asia Forum.

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