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Justice on the inside

29 October, 2009

The Queensland Ombudsman, David Bevan, has released his report Justice on the Inside: A review of Queensland Corrective Services’ management of breaches of discipline by prisoners.

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  1. 3 November, 2009 9:50 pm

    you mean to say they’re destroying evidence of prisoners’ records?

  2. fairgo permalink
    7 November, 2009 5:16 pm

    California is in big debt.

    Prisons are amongst their big spendings. They are now changing their attitudes to imprisoning people. They are finding cheaper ways to rehabilitate.

    Qld is now in debt.

    More people are in prison when there is less crime.

    Let’s look at some of the crime:
    Over 70 years of age first time offenders on CentreLink offences are imprisoned. An overseas tourist 14 days in prison for a theft of $390.

    Qld is in debit in its justice system looking through the ombudsman’s report.

    People whom we want to come back into society having had justice modelled to them on the inside are being treated unfairly when being dealt with by breaches either real or made up by corrective service officers.

    Just by changing the officers uniforms and implementing new business models by the previous Director-General, Frank Rockett, does not seemed to have improved the behaviour of his staff who have the responsibility for the safety of the prisoners.

    Frank’s history of uniform changing from Education to Indigenous & Disability Services Policy prior to Corrective Services does not seemed to have translated into better treatment for prisoners who are still leaving institutions with no money in their pockets setting them up to make a quick return to prison which is beneficial for the prisons run by private corporations.

    More money is needed for rehabilitation and staff training in just processes and less it seems for super schemes of the adminstrators of prisons.

    Will the previous Director-General be recalled to answer qustions?


    Will Qld Parliament take any notice of the Ombudsman’s Recommendations?


    Because it will probably be the same as a Coroner’s report (eg Mulrinji Doomadgee Death in Custody report) where the Qld Parliament was and is not legally required to respond to any recommendation.

    There is a long way for justice in the Qld prison system.

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