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Can Malcolm make it?

8 October, 2009

Once again, Malcolm is certainly in the middle.

in the middle of a political typhoon like #18 ravaging Japan right now.

But while many are calling this the end for Turnbull, there is a very good chance he will whether the storm and hang on for another round.

In fact, the chances of even the most eager candidates who “don’t” want to be leader (such as Tony Abbott) taking over before the ETS is cleared up is surely up for nothing short of a kamikaze run over midway.

It may be hard to accept Turnbull’s claims of party unity, but it is equally as hard to imagine anyone else stepping up to the plate when the troops are nothing but neatly assembled and a potential double dissolution looms.

Perhaps Malcolm should take a Leadership Truck (cf debt truck) around the country to show how big his Member for Wentworth is.

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  1. 8 October, 2009 4:51 pm

    I think Mungo MacCallum has the right idea

  2. fairgo permalink
    10 October, 2009 4:53 pm

    great leaders confront the fears of their followers.

    not all of malcolm’s followers see man-made climate change as a real fear but a majority of voters do. the perceived answer is the Emissions Trading Scheme. he has to look sensible to the present feelings of the voters.

    he will get stronger through this.

    but my own fear is that the ETS is a new ‘slavery’ whereby those with wealth can pay for pollution and the emitters are rewarded in the short term.

    voters in wealthy nations can pay without changing their lifestyles-poorer nations will be sqeezed to make up the difference as they will not be able to afford to pay and their lifestyle will be futher contracted.

    we will vote for what looks like a benign scheme now (ETS) that one day will be outlawed as slavery once was.

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