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The ABC’s Mark Scott disagrees with James Murdoch

10 September, 2009

Mark Scott, the ABC managing director has disagreed with James Murdoch that state sponsored journalism hinders quality journalism and independence. Murdoch argued of course that the only guarantor of independence was profit, whereas Scott believes that there should be public funding for public purposes.

Scott said if you

“… strip away the lofty language, and you see that the James Murdoch solution is less about making a contribution to public policy than it is getting rid of the BBC’s services, effectively destroying the BBC as we know it – a tragedy for the UK – a tragedy for the world.”

“It would mean ending the mixed economy in provision of news – introducing a purely commercial service would impose a limitation on diversity of views far greater than any we now know.”

Murdoch advocates for not only a limitation on the diversity of views but also a limitation to the access of any view and if information is power ….

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