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Child sex offender ‘walks free’?

5 September, 2009

Recently The Courier Mail reported that a child sex offender ‘walks free’. There was outrage expressed that the sentence did not include a period of imprisonment. The father of the victim attacked the man to such a degree he has been charged with grievous bodily harm and as a result may face imprisonment. The father also threatened to cut the man’s cock off – luckily his wife refused his request for a knife.

If you feel that it is unjust that the father may face imprisonment while the offender (at this stage) does not, read the sentencing remarks to fully understand the offender’s life-long punishment.

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  1. Phill permalink
    6 September, 2009 1:55 pm

    That the father may face jail time for this offence beggars belief.I am a law abiding citizen, I may have had a parking ticket at some time in my life.However, the fucker that would sexually assault one of my kids would be a fucking dead man, end of story.

    The public are sick to death of people who can’t or wont do the right thing in society.Deep down most people would have like to have seen this man dead, but they like me, are no good to their families in jail.

    But to deny that we as humans do not have inate feelings of revenge and disgust, driving what is normal people to extremes outside of their own normal behaviour patterns, is arrant nonsense.

  2. 6 September, 2009 8:03 pm

    The offender required fifty screws and several plates inserted into his head. His injuries required two weeks hospitalisation and ongoing treatments with life-long complications and apparently he died twice on the way to hospital.

    Phill, I understand the sentiment you express but we can not go around beating each other for revenge. I have been in the situation where a family member was a victim of child sex abuse and and was planning on carrying out such an attack until the offender admitted his guilt and apologised (but I would not have been caught).

    I have done a fair bit of research on this issue and have come to the conclusion that to minimise the harm done to kids from sexual abuse the key is the reporting of the abuse. The way we demonise (yes they deserve it) child sex offenders, I believe, is another barrier to reporting.

    Think of it this way, most offenders are family members or close family friends or at least someone the child and the family may hold in high regard. If child sex offenders are portrayed as evil monsters (which they are while offending) and this person who the child and family may have respect could then question how they could be one of ‘those’. This may confuse the child about the true nature of the offenders actions and think the behaviour normal and not report the abuse.

    Phill, I am all about reducing the damage done to kids and if it takes treating offenders as humans I will do that.

    The child in this case would have been likely to watch the attack on his offender and he would be aware that his father may go to prison. I worry that this child may blame himself for reporting the offence and wish that he hadn’t.

    I wonder if this child would ever report again and that is a situation that could cause this child further harm

  3. Phill permalink
    7 September, 2009 1:55 am

    What can I say? Apart from, some people would have thought he got off light.

    As you know in some countries this miscreant could well face the death penalty.I’m sorry mate we will have to agree to disagree on this subject.If I had my way I would build a set of gallows with a nice strong beam at the top to get some of the bastards in our society up on it six at a time, but I know I am in the minority, I am old school, but not oblivious to the times they are a changing.(BobD)

    Anyhoo for mine ileum we are vengeful creatures, if another country attacks us we do not sit and analyse the consequences in most cases, and it’s usually in boots an all.Do we not at the end of the day ask our soldiers to take revenge in our name? Is it not a matter of degree mayhaps?

    I don’t really know myself, but it is all food for thought.

  4. 7 September, 2009 5:05 pm

    Fair enough Phill, we will agree to disagree. It is rather an emotive issue but I only take this stance because I think it would improve reporting rates and stop kids being harmed further.

  5. Phill permalink
    7 September, 2009 7:16 pm

    Well ileum I’m with you on that score.I have three of my own, although the youngest is 22 yrs old now so not a child any more.Although being a daughter she will always be a child to me.

    We both want the same thing obviously.

    Our method, well only time will tell.

    For what it is worth capital punishment has never been a deterrent as you would already know(I hate telling people the obvious)I guess scum bags will always be with us, it is the way of it.

  6. 19 September, 2009 6:06 pm

    The AG lost the appeal against sentence,23739,26091127-3102,00.html


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