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10 August, 2009

Earlier this week the Victoria and New South Wales Police, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation carried out raids on nineteen properties and made four arrests as part of a counter-terrorism operation. It was reported that the group was motivated by hostilities in Somalia.

Robert McClelland, the Federal Attorney-General considers there is a real danger of terrorist groups radicalising young people within Australia, on the basis of previous successful prosecutions. Kelvin Thomson MP thinks the answer is in a more intense vetting process for prospective migrants and that migrant visas should be reduced to the levels of the 1990’s to allow for this to occur.

Andrew Bolt thinks this is not discriminatory enough:

“Thomson may be said to be brave, but not brave enough. As even this latest alleged plot demonstrates, you may screen migrants all you like for fundamentalist tendencies, but how can you screen their toddlers or unborn children – the generation that tends to be more radical than the generation you brought in?”

What a ……….

A reader offers some suggestions:

“Islamic terror comes from Islam, from the hate- preachers in the mosques and from the Koran and the hadith.The rest comes with the mental baggage that can turn just about any Muslim into a radical.  All that’s needed is a torn Koran or an accusation of blasphemy, Muhammad cartoons or a teddy bear named Moe and instantly your “moderate” is radicalized.

This doesn’t even include a daughter who refuses to wear hijab who must be killed, the kuffar boyfriend who enrages the whole ummah, or apostasy. But that’s just the few obvious cases. Then comes the jihad against liquor shops and butchers who sell pork, rape jihad against uncovered women etc etc… and last not least the demographic jihad. Once they got the numbers we are toast.

Those who support Islamic immigration are selling the birthright of our children.”

Red Baron of Sydney (Reply)
Sat 08 Aug 09 (08:15am)

Ben Pobjie has some handy hints for non-terrorist muslims

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