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Integrity and Accountability in Queensland

7 August, 2009

There have been so many reports of corruption, misconduct or impropriety of late that some of the more recent developments almost seem passé – bring on the apathy.

It began with the Crime and Misconduct Committee’s report Dangerous Liaisons which noted some members of the Queensland Police Force exercised power without responsibility. The timing of the release was exquisite with the APSAC Conference held in Brisbane less than a week later. Here, at the inaugural Tony Fitzgerald lecture, it was argued that Queensland may have begun to slip back into systemic corruption. There were further reports of success fees and lobbyists using dodgy practices.

Not to be outdone by the government, John-Paul Langbroek had his own mini email/utegate scandal which resulted in the sacking of his chief of staff .  There were other conduct issues reported in Queensland, other states, and the farcical utegate development from the federal government. But really who gives – same shit different day. Is there a feeling of immunity, or apathy, that corruption is endemic to power, nothing we can do about it, right?

The Premier of Queensland does not feel this way. The Department of the Premier and Cabinet has released the Integrity and Accountability in Queensland discussion paper and called for stakeholders, interested persons and organisations to have their say. So if you are interested in keeping the bastards (a touch more) honest make a submission. Submissions close on the 16 September 2009.

It has been said – it is not what a politician or government does but what they are seen to be doing. So go on, make them do something.

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