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4 August, 2009

The ABC’s Australian Story last night featured Malcolm Turnbull in Paths of Glory. It was interesting, especially when the cameras were rolling in Mr. Turnbull’s office when that email was discovered to be a fake.

This morning The Australian reports that Godwin Grech wrote and passed the email to Mr. Turnbull under ‘enormous pressure’. Pure Poison is lost for words at the decision to speak to Mr. Grech in a psychiatric ward in Canberra.

The Auditor-General’s findings are due to be released today.

Good luck Malcolm. Get well Godwin.

Update. John-Paul Langbroek, the Queensland Opposition Leader, is also having email woes. Or is it ‘… a distraction to deflect attention from the real issue…’?

Update II. Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan have been cleared by the Auditor-General.

Update III. Turnbull met with with Grech a week before Senate inquiry.

Update IV. The Voice of Today’s Apathetic Youth show that in releasing that email and regretting ever having met Godwin Grech, Malcolm Turnbull is a cruel master.

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