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Andrew Bolt struggles with consent

24 July, 2009

Andrew Bolt, who usually struggles to interpret graphs and scientific data, fails once again to understand the definition of consent. He states:

“Of course, this is not the first time this year that we’ve seen women hailed as victims after having agreed to sex.”

Mr. Bolt fails to realise that consent can be withdrawn at any time before or during any sexual act. Not having viewed the individual facts of this case it is not possible to have an informed discussion on it, but if it is true that the woman passed out from being inebriated it is unlikely she would have had the cognitive capacity to consent.

Mr. Bolt then says:

“I’d even like to know whether this is more a case of morning-after regret, which police who’ve investigated claims of rape tell me is a lot more common than you might think.”

Whereas the empirical evidence shows that sexual assault and rape are under-reported crimes. This means the police would not be aware of these other criminal acts.

He continues:

“A morality that says consent makes everything legit is just another way of saying it’s every man for himself—that you’re free to do whatever you can force some silly or intimidated woman (or man) to agree to, however much it will probably hurt them.”

I am sorry Mr. Bolt, ‘force’ does not come into the equation when engaged in acts of a sexual nature. If it does it is likely to be called rape.

Update. Andrew Bolt continues to fight for the ‘real victims’ of sexual assault and warns of the impending disaster.

… with no man left safe and no court able to properly clear him”.

Oh dear, that sounds serious. He is particularly concerned with the ongoing persecution. The criminal justice system is on notice, Mr. Bolt is on the job.

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  1. 13 September, 2009 3:42 pm

    Andrew Bolt only ever aligns himself with half of the facts.

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