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Senator Fielding Ignored

17 July, 2009

Steve Fielding has continued his publicity campaign and has written an article for The Punch. In it he explains the reason he will oppose the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill in the Senate.

Basically it goes like this:

Steve actually believes in climate change but is confused by what is causing it after an adviser gave him some data. He needed answers so the logical thing to do was to head to Washington and speak to many scientists. There Steve received no answers but came up with more questions. So it was back to Australia to speak to more scientists where he discovers ‘the graph’. Steve was flabbergasted – kind of like how the rest of us feel now. Steve then speaks with Penny Wong, the Chief Scientist and the Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute, but this too leaves Steve none the wiser. Is anyone noticing a pattern here?

On this basis Steve decides that there is no correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and increasing global temperatures and therefore cannot support the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill. Then Al Gore came to Australia and while knowing the importance of Family First in the Senate he ran away from Steve. So Australia, no carbon reduction scheme for you

The end.


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