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Senator Fielding to be Gored?

14 July, 2009

Family First Senator Steve Fielding wants to show Al Gore his graph. The leader of Family First asked Mr. Gore for a ‘one on one’ to present the graph that could suggest that temperatures have stabilised over the last fifteen years. Read more about Steve’s climate change crusade here.

I guess some things are worth fighting for?

The ABC quotes Fielding as saying “it’s crazy and we’ll get to the bottom of this, the senate will look into it,” but he doesn’t say whether this refers to his bottle recycling proposal or his appearance outside parliament house dressed as a bottle.

If Fielding does get to give Gore an environmental show-and-tell, let’s hope his climate change data is more rigorous than what he used to reach his conclusion on how lifting the ban on ‘foreign aid for abortions‘ can be bad for maternal mortality.

Update. The ball is now in Gore’s court, at least according to the senator’s spokesperson. Of course, that assumes that Fielding and Gore are playing the same game and, importantly, in the same league.

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